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Welcome to Sub Zero Latin America!

Sub Zero Ice Cream franchises are coming to Latin America

“Sub Zero Latin America is opening our flagship store in Costa Rica. This store will be available for people from other Latin America countries to see and experience the Sub Zero Ice Cream concept, and will also be used for training for new franchisees”, said Tim Morales, International Franchisor for Latin America. “One of the great things about acquiring a Sub Zero franchise is that you are actually getting two businesses in one: your Sub Zero Ice Cream storefront location and also a Sub Zero Ice Cream mobile catering business, which is included with the storefront franchise. The mobile concept can be very successful, and some franchises in the US even have a catering manager to just handle the weddings, corporate events, schools, festivals and other catering event opportunities. We are very excited about bringing Sub Zero Ice Cream franchise to a completely new market. Going to a Sub Zero Ice Cream store is more than great ice cream, it is an experience choosing your favorers and watching your ice cream being made right in front of you.”

As of May 2014 their are over 40 Sub Zero Ice Cream stores in operation and 10 under construction in the USA. Now is your chance to offer the newest in Nitrogen Ice Cream Sensations and deveolp an area.


Sub Zero Latin America is now taking applications of interest.
We are looking for people interested in:

Master Franchisees/Area Developer for an area in
Central or South America, and Mexico.

Single Franchisees

People that wish to invest in Sub Zero Latin America.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt standard franchised business ranges in the USA is from $135,000 and up. This includes the $30,000 franchise fee.

A Master Franchise is where you buy an area is more of an investment depending on the area and number of franchises you are going to develop. This is on a case by case basis.


Sub Zero América Latina está tomando aplicaciones de interés . Buscamos personas interesadas en

Master franquiciados/Área de desarrolladores para un área en
América Central o del Sur, Mexico

Solo Los franquiciados

Las personas que deseen invertir en Sub Zero América Latina.

La inversión total necesaria para iniciar la operación de un Sub Zero helado y yogurt rangos normales de negocios de franquicia en los EE.UU. es de $ 135.000 +. Esto incluye la cuota de franquicia de $ 30.000.

Una Franquicia Maestra donde usted compra una zona es más bien una inversión en función de la zona y el número de franquicias que se van a desarrollar. Este es el caso por caso.

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Learn about the benefits of: 

  • Single Franchise
  • Muti-Franchise
  • Area Developer
  • Costs
  • US Patent
  • Catering opportunities
  • School Presentations
  • Sub Zero Latin America

Owning a Sub Zero Ice Cream franchise, can provide the independence and financial benefits for the franchise operators who will be providing a product never before seen in those markets.


If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.

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